Bentos, bentos, delicious bentos!

Bentos have held a special place in my heart ever since I was a child and used to eat them on train journeys. Even though my elementary school was close enough to home for me to walk home for lunch, I still begged my mom to bring bentos for me. For 10 years, my mom made me hot bentos to bring to school every day. In Taiwan, they even had bento delivery services where they would bring the bentos parents made to their children at school; I was fortunate enough to grow up eating delicious and healthy bentos. To me bentos are a comfort food made with love; I  hope that when you eat the ones I prepare, you feel that this sentiment is still there.

  P.S. To those who have allergies:

1. Because my son has a nut allergy, all of my bentos are nut free

2. Chinese style dishes have a large variety of ingredients, if you are allergic to many various foods, please consider   carefully before you order

3. All my dishes may include the following condiments and seasonings: salt, sugar, soy sauce, black vinegar, rice
vinegar, white pepper, black pepper, red peppercorn powder, 5 spice powder, hot bean sauce, chili oil, and sesame oil. I sauté with vegetable oil, and cold dishes are made with olive oil. I use yam flour to thicken the  consistency of soup. I tenderize meat using egg and cornstarch.

4. The three side dishes in my bentos may be different from what is shown in the photos, as I mix and match a variety of side dishes

5. Since I am very busy with my kid’s extracurricular activities, I can only make bentos on Mondays. Sorry if this causes any inconveniences.