It’s been 6 months since we moved to Pleasanton CA, and we love it here. We love the changing seasons, lovely schools, many fun-filled parks, and the friendly folks who call this town their home. We are grateful that God led us here. In the beginning, I just wanted to prepare some home-style cooking for my friends and family, and with their approval and encouragement, I started accepting customer orders. Many dishes are simple to make, but you may be short on time—let my passion to do the cooking for you. Kung Fu Panda’s dad said this about the secret ingredient in his noodle soup, “The secret ingredient is…nothing!” And my secret ingredient was passed on from my mom, which was none other than a mother’s love and her passion for good cooking. After sending the kids to school, I like to turn on the music, and enjoy watching the various ingredients dance between my fingers, transforming into the tasty dishes you see before you.